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Testimonials from parents


The views of our children and parents are very important to us. We actively seek them through working with our parents group and through a yearly questionnaire. And we welcome impromptu feedback at any time. We use any views and suggestions we receive to inform nursery development.


Below are a couple of unprompted testimonials (with names changed) we received from parents of children attending Into The Woods. If you'd like to come and see the nursery in action, for yourself, please get in touch.


Testimonial 1, received July 2016

I just want to send you a quick thank you for a fantastic year for Sarah at Into The Woods Nursery.  I confess that when I first signed her up my husband was sceptical about how it would work and if Sarah would truly enjoy being outside all day in all weather.  He now admits that its the best thing we have ever done for Sarah.  What a year she’s had! She has grown in so many ways - knowledge, maturity and self-confidence.  Its been a joy to drop her off and collect a filthy smiling girl who is full of stories and songs each day!

Sarah learnt so much more with you than at [her previous nursery].  Furthermore, [our staff member] knew Sarah better after just 3 weeks of her arriving with you than her previous nursery did after a year and a half simply because at Into The Woods the staff take the time to talk and listen to the children.


Testimonial 2, received July 2016

… I cannot begin to describe the enormously obvious and other very subtle benefits I have seen Cleo gain over her year with you and your amazing team.


When Cleo first began with you in the woods last September, she was a shy individual, quite cautious in her approach to making friends and not quite accustomed to the outdoor life.  I really cannot believe how over the year, she has made so many friends, adults and children and become such a confident outgoing little girl.


Her language and number skills have come on so much, not through being inside a classroom, but being outside talking about what's happening around her and counting physical things; again, the best way possible.


There really is so much more to write, a small example which I continue to tell my friends is her wonderful appreciation of nature.  Having asked my six year old son to name as many birds as he could, Cleo interrupted and expressed her knowledge of crows, woodpeckers, robins, wrens, kingfishers and many more.


On many occasion, she has stooped down to pick up ladybirds, snails, worms, to talk to them, say how sweet they are and take them to a place of safety! She truly cares for all tiny living creatures, again something which I attribute to you and your team.


Cleo has developed a lovely imagination and believes (as all children should) in fairies and elves that live in the woods and I know that the experiences that you have cited in your valuable weekly emails have subsequently made sense of the ideas she has talked about.


Cleo has gained the most amazing confidence to attempt to do things beyond her years and I have been delighted with her ability to climb and swing on everything she sees!  A very important life skill I believe.


I cannot express how wonderful this outdoor learning experience has been for Cleo; providing her with such a variety of opportunities and giving her such a fantastic start to her learning journey, more than I thought would ever be possible in the woods.










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