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Into The Woods is registered with Ofsted – registration number EY474392.


We are registered on both the Early Years and Childcare registers.


Latest inspection

We were inspected on 12 July 2016. The report is published on the Ofsted website.


Our response to the report

The inspectors judgement is that the nursery is 'Good' and we are really pleased that the report includes a wide range of really positive comments about the nursery.


However, to achieve 'Outstanding' the report recommends changes to two specific areas of our provision which are central to our approach and underpin our ethos.


Firstly, the report recommends we take more opportunities to challenge the children.


As it states in our Learning and Development Policy, we believe children should be allowed to develop their creativity and independence, and therefore self esteem, through playing with the natural resources in the woods. And also that constantly questioning and verbally challenging children can interrupt their thought process and leave them with a feeling that they can’t make a move without an adult’s suggestion and say so. We do challenge children’s thinking through questioning, but we do so when appropriate and in a nurturing and relaxed conversation rather than frequently questioning or prompting them every time they do or say something. We believe our approach is in line with current best practice in Early Years education and we know that it is the best for the children's development.


The report also recommends that we should increase the number of ready-made resources that we take into the woods.


We know that the ever changing, dynamic outdoors wood environment provides an abundance of open-ended resources to inspire the children, and we have seen how deliberately not taking too many resources leads to greater creativity in thinking and play. In clarifying this recommendation, the inspector told us that a few hats would have improved the children's role play. We believe the opposite is true and have seen the evidence over the last two and half years. We will of course continue to take a variety of resources appropriate to our approach, and will review and select them to ensure they support free thinking and creativity. But we will not be changing our policy on the use of resources, as we have seen how the children's play and thinking benefit from not having closed resources that suggest the next step to take.


At Into The Woods, nursery development is incredibly important to us. We continually review our provision and have an improvement action plan which we work through. This plan is informed by the opinion of the children, parents, local authority Early Years consultants, staff, management, Ofsted guidance and by developments in Early Years practice. We are, as a team, reviewing our practice in light of the Ofsted report. But we will be careful not to make any changes that jeopardise an approach that we feel is best for the children's development.


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