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Enrolling your child


This page is for parents who have been OFFERED A CONFIRMED PLACE at Into The Woods and who have agreed sessions and a start date with the nursery manager.


If you have not been offered a place and would like one, please fill in the booking form.


Welcome to Into The Woods!

To enrol your child, please follow the 5 steps below.


1. Pay the enrolment fee of £100. Bank account details are on the enrolment form.


2. Read the following policies and risk assessments which are referred to in our terms and conditions:

Emergency procedure policy (Highgate)

Emergency procedure policy (Kenwood)

Health and safety policy

Mobile phone and camera use policy

Safeguarding and child protection policy (Kenwood)

Safeguarding and child protection policy (Highgate)

Use of fire risk assessment

Use of tools risk assessment

Tree climbing risk assessment

Ticks - guidance for parents


3. Fill out and submit the contact details form.


4. Fill out and submit the enrolment form.


5. Read our Settling in policy so you know what to expect at the start.


Once we have received your enrolment fee and form we will be in touch to arrange settling-in.


Please be aware

In submitting your enrolment form, you are formally accepting the place offered and agreed by email, and are are subject to our terms and conditions, including the notice period for withdrawing your child from the nursery.


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