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9 January 2016


Dear Parents

We all had a fabulous muddy time this week at Forest School Club!


As usual we started with a planning session and listed all the activities we wanted to do that day, which included going to the Jumping Stream, playing the Spider Game and visiting the Story Train.


We set off for the Jumping Stream first and soon discovered that it was one of the muddiest places on the planet, which made bridge construction quite a tricky, slippery business. But we all worked hard together to build our bridge across the stream and then took turns balancing along it. Seth was the architect and had a clear vision of what the bridge should be like and so was quite strict when it came to log selection and placement.


After we had built the bridge (not completely to Seth’s specifications in the end, but I suppose budding architects have to get used to that) we started making a map of Queens Wood. We started with a basic map showing just the paths and then added features we saw throughout the day. The children took turns drawing and writing the features on to the map.


At the Story Train we played the Spider Game and Rocket Stuck In The Mud and started some whittling, turning sticks into sharp pegs and knocking them into the ground to make shapes. We carried that on in the afternoon.


After lunch we went over to Highgate Wood because Seth and Marin were very keen to play the Spider Game again, but this time with a proper web. And they knew just the place for it! Using string woven round a group of small trees with narrow trunks they created a fantastic web in which flies unfortunate enough to get caught were trapped, until they answered the gate keeper’s question correctly and were released


Angelina, Matan and Bertie were inspired by the morning’s map making and had asked to make maps of their own – which they did on the visit to Highgate Wood. Clipboards in hand, they patiently drew paths and marked the features they knew and saw.


We finished the day with an extremely popular, very exciting and exceedingly muddy activity. The Mud Slide – a steep bank in Queens Wood, covered in gooey, slippery, clay mud. We climbed/crawled/clawed our way to the top so we could hurtle down the muddy slide again. It was wonderful to see how determined and persistent all the children were in overcoming the challenge of getting to the top. Many of you saw us as we return covered in mud and completely exhausted, what a wonderful way to spend an afternoon!


Photos will be on Flickr as usual, by the end of the weekend.


That’s all for now.




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