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13 March 2016


Dear Parents

Well another week with every type of weather!  Sunny skies, frosty mornings, the occasional downpour, and even snow!  But Spring is definitely here, with lots of lovely blossom and daffodils popping up :)  We have been counting in the woods this week, and also continued with last week’s ‘Wizard of Oz’ story, talking again about what it means to be brave, and maybe trying something new, like climbing the dens or furry pine tree beasts!


On Monday we went on a walk exploring Highgate Wood and practising our counting with ‘stop and freeze’, as we counted to five and froze on the spot.  In camp we played with buckets and cup-shaped gourds, counting conkers too, and the children enjoyed coming up with Pokemon games to play.  At snack times on Monday and during the week, we practised our counting as the pot of berries and grapes went round the circle, and we talked about fairness and sharing as part of this too.  At camp in the afternoon, we had some imaginative play with making fires (not real ones) alongside the mud kitchen, spying on things through the holes in the ground mats, and rolling in the mud!


On Tuesday it snowed!  It got chilly that morning, so we wrapped up extra warm, and then watched as the snowflakes drifted down and settled on us.  Before we knew it, the snow was gone again, and we were onto counting our number pebbles, chasing round the woods and naming the trees as different dinosaurs.  We made a dino detector, and the children found dinosaur treasure!  In the afternoon we made leaf snow – grabbing a big bunch of leaves on the ground and throwing them up into the air....   We wrote our names and some numbers on the ground with sticks.  Out on the walk we found a huge log, and organised great teamwork to carry it together to a spot where we replanted it as a tall tree.  Then we came upon a wonderfully scented fallen pine tree, and we collected some of the biggest pinecones, and tiny ones too.  Some of us climbed over and up the giant furry beast.


Wednesday brought us a sunny morning, and we made lots of creations from the clay tree, including spaceships and balls to roll along.  We climbed logs, used sticks as umbrellas and horses, and shared resources nicely at camp.  In the rainy afternoon we splashed around in mud puddles, and slid down Dinosaur Hill.  At camp we played on the tree swing, and enjoyed lots of stories under the big tarp.


On Thursday we had counting stories, and did counting on our fingers.  After all the rain, the streams along the paths were running strong again, and we trekked down the streams to the ponds, and had a look for frogs, and spotted bat boxes up in the trees.  After lunch we climbed woodpiles, sailed the Seven Seas, rode on a train, and cooked some tasty foods in a restaurant.


Friday took us on a minibeast hunt, finding worms, woodlice and centipedes – and a visit to the pond to see if we could spot frogs, and there we talked about the frog’s lifecycle.  Sometimes we spot the shy frogs bubbling beneath the surface, and occasionally they poke out their heads to have a look at us!  We sang songs, and talked about where the squirrels and birds live too. In the afternoon there was a lot of cooking going on, making carrot soup and having a picnic.  Some of us had rough and tumble time in the tent, and we painted our hands with mud!


Photos of our adventures are on Flickr.


See you in the woods next week,




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